Mwaruwari driver survives axe attack


A MAKOKOBA man who struck three of his victims with an axe, including Zimbabwe national soccer team captain Benjamin Mwaruwari’s taxi driver in Luveve and robbed them of personal belongings with a combined value of $290, was yesterday sentenced to five years in prison.

Richard Muponde

Artwell Moyo (31) pleaded not guilty to three counts of robbery, but was convicted by Bulawayo magistrate Willard Maphios Moyo.

He was initially sentenced to six years in prison but one year was conditionally suspended for five years.

Prosecutor Tatenda Dakwa told the court that on March 23, Giveus Ncube, employed by Mwaruwari as a driver, disembarked from a commuter omnibus in the company of his sister near Luveve Police Station.

After alighting from the vehicle they used a footpath leading into Luveve suburb.

However, on the way they met Moyo who was armed with an axe and he struck Ncube twice on the forehead demanding cash.

Fearing for their lives, Ncube and his sister surrendered three cellphones and $50 before Moyo disappeared into the night.

The court heard that on June 1, another complainant, Matarisa Mukuwapasi, was walking in a bushy area between Emakhandeni and Luveve when he was approached by Moyo who threatened him with an axe and robbed him of a cellphone.

Using the same method, Moyo went on to rob Lovely Mpofu near a school in Gwabalanda after he struck him with an axe twice on the head.
He took away a cellphone, $35 and groceries.

Mpofu sustained serious injuries and was left for dead in a pool of blood.

He was, however, lucky to be discovered by police officers who were on patrol and was taken to hospital.

Detectives acting on a tip-off arrested Moyo at his hideout in Makokoba and he was positively identified by his victims.
Some of the stolen property was recovered.


  1. a violent criminal gets five years but youngsters who had gone hungry and tried to buy bread using gold worth $1 were also sentenced to 5 years in prison. hm…………….

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