Izinjiva troop in for polls


THOUSANDS of Zimbabweans based in South Africa are reportedly trickling back into the country to take part in the country’s national elections next Wednesday.

Staff Reporter

According to South African news organisation, eNCA the Zimbabweans, are boarding buses in Johannesburg and heading back home to participate in the polls. Those returning reportedly belong to President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF and the rival MDC formations.

Many believe their say at the ballot box may secure their future back in Zimbabwe. Courage Mangwiro, a qualified teacher and Zanu PF member, who lives in Johannesburg, emphasised the importance of voting.

“My plan is to go there, cast my vote, and return to South Africa for work,” he was quoted saying.

“The border is going to be busy. This is the only time we as Zimbabweans can rectify the political pandemonium that has bedevilled our country for such a long time.”


  1. Those who can please come and cast your vote,those who can’t please call your relatives and friends back home and ask them to vote for change.

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