Mat South police hunt killer


POLICE in Matabeleland South have launched a manhunt for a 31-year-old Gwanda man, who allegedly killed a colleague on Sunday evening after a misunderstanding arose at a beer drink.

Report by Blondie Ndebele

The man has been identified as William Ndlovu of Mpaula Village in Guyu area. Police spokesperson Inspector Christopher Ngwenya said Ndlovu allegedly murdered Alan Moyo (26) of Zvamagwamba village late Sunday evening.

He said the accused and his friend Reason Ndlovu of Umzingwane plots in Colleen Bawn, had been drinking beer at Dombo bottle store.

They were later joined by Moyo, his brother Ian and Stanley Moyo of Makapakapa village.

“Late in the evening the bar lady announced that she was closing the bottle store because she had run out of beer, but this did not go down well with Stanley who started kicking the door and making noise,” he said.

Ngwenya said the accused tried to stop Stanley and a misunderstanding ensued between the two.

He said they started pelting each other with stones leading to Alan and Ian joining the fight.

However, Stanley and Reason ran away from the scene leaving Alan and the accused hurling stones at each other.

“The accused struck the deceased with a stone on the left temple and he fell down and died instantly,” Ngwenya said.

“The accused immediately fled from the scene.”

Police are appealing to the public to assist with investigations to find the accused.

“He is still on the run and those who have information on his whereabouts can use suggestion boxes, call Guyu cellphone hotline number on 0778 527 212 or advise their nearest police station.”