Zanu PF ‘lures’ MDC-T councillors


MASVINGO — Zanu PF is reportedly trying to lure MDC-T councillors who make the majority in the council chambers to vote for a mayor from President Robert Mugabe’s party.

Tatenda Chitagu

According to MDC-T provincial secretary Tongai Matutu, some senior Zanu PF officials (names supplied) tried to bribe the youthful MDC-T councillors-elect to swing the vote for the mayor in their favour.

“We have been told by our councillors who have been approached,” he said.
“Zanu PF wants the mayoral post after losing the seat for a while.”

He said all six councillors were approached by Zanu PF officials offering money ranging from $2 000 as well as residential stands and ex-Japanese second-hand cars.
“All our councillors have been approached,” he said.

“Fortunately, they came to us and told us of the plot well in time. Some were offered residential stands and money.”

But Zanu PF provincial chair Lovemore Matuke professed ignorance over the matter.
Zanu PF is reportedly pushing for councillors Lovemore Mufamba and Garcia Mundondo for the mayoral post.

Zanu PF last held the Masvingo mayoral post before 2000.

The first executive mayor was the late Engineer Alois Chaimiti, who was succeeded by Alderman Francis Chakabuda.