Relatives appeal for help to bury fire victims


RELATIVES of three Emakhandeni family members who died after fire gutted their house on Monday are appealing for help to bury the victims.

Pamela Mhlanga, Own Correspondent

Chipo Mudinzwa (58), her 29-year-old daughter Christine and son Cleopas (37) were sleeping in the house when it caught fire.

Relatives yesterday said Christina was the only one who was mentally challenged not the entire family, as claimed by neighbours on Monday.

Family spokesperson Luckson Mudinzwa said while relatives were yet to discuss burial arrangements, they needed help to give the three a decent burial.

“We really need help from the whole community and well-wishers who can offer their support in burying the deceased persons. We need help from people who can offer any kind of

assistance, be it monetary, material or help with coffins for the deceased or transport for the mourners,” he said.

Mudinzwa hinted the three could be buried in the city although relatives had not yet set a date for the burial.

“The incident shocked us and we are still trying to come to terms with how all three family members could perish in a fire in such a terrible way,” he said.

Mudinzwa said the cause of the fire was still a mystery, although he hinted they suspected involvement of a supernatural force.

“People have been talking that Cleopas used to complain that he was seeing scary goblins in the house threatening to burn him such that he sometimes used to sleep at the neighbours because of fear. However, we all place everything in the hands of God as he is the only one who knows why this had to happen,” he said.

The Bulawayo City Council’s fire brigade is still investigating the cause of the fire.