Nine months jail for defrauding late Vice President Nkomo


A MAN from Pumula South, who defrauded the late Vice-President John Nkomo’s Astra Building Centre Company of more than $1 300 through forging receipts, has been slapped with an effective nine-month jail term.

Antony Magutso Mizha (22) denied the charge of forgery and fraud when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Takundwa Witness Mtetwa.

The magistrate, however, convicted and sentenced him to 12 months in jail.

Three months of the sentence were suspended on condition he restituted the company $83 for the property which was not recovered following his arrest.

The court heard that on June 22, Mizha bought a 3,6m sheet of asbestos and was issued a receipt at Astra Building Centre. Instead of going to Astra Building Centre warehouse to collect the asbestos sheet, he went to an unknown place where he allegedly scanned the receipt and inscribed the figure 41, purporting he had bought 41 sheets instead of one.

Mizha allegedly went back to Astra Building Centre’s warehouse with the manipulated receipt, which he produced.

He was given 19 asbestos sheets and was to be given the remaining 22 at a later date.

Mizha allegedly took the asbestos sheets to a site identified only as Nasta situated at number 57 3rd Avenue, where he sold them to the shop owner Oliver Ncube.

The attendants at Astra Building later discovered the anomaly and a report was made to the police, leading to Mizha’s arrest.

It was discovered that through forgery and fraud the company had been prejudiced of $1 340 and asbestos sheets worth $1 257 were recovered.

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