MSU student publishes motivational book


AN ACCOUNTING student at the Midlands State University (MSU), Liberty Makuyana, has published a religious motivational book that attempts to address challenges that beset contemporary society.


The 127-page book is titled Going Against the World for the World and is about humanity’s emancipation from the worldly system.

Makuyana (20) told Southern Eye Lifestyle the book touches on tradition, culture and unwritten laws which bind people from living the life that God intended for them.
“This is a Christian motivational book which mainly talks of how one can change the world by first changing themselves,” Makuyana said.

“The world has a certain direction in which it points every individual. Some people are told that it is better to be an accountant than to be a musician and others are told that one can only write a book in their elderly years.

These are the perceptions that the world has and this is what people should go against. Once one has gone against all binding factors and followed their purpose, the world will then follow with the revelation of success in all fields as long as God purposed you to walk that road, no matter the level of resistance on the road,” Makuyana said.

He revealed that he was motivated by what the author saw in families, churches, schools and various organisations.

“I see people forsaking their dreams and abandoning their talents because of either the economic, social, political or even technical environment. I then knew that the revelation I have, had to be imparted to the world in the form of a book, that purpose paves a way and no matter the conditions and situations which may prevail, the most important and greatest thing to ever do is what God placed in your heart,” Makuyana said.

The Chitungwiza-born Makuyana is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and accountant. He is currently studying towards a degree.


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