Woman in court for forgery


GOKWE — Police in Gokwe are investigating the source of a forged warrant of liberation which a woman recently produced to prison authorities, seeking the release of her brother serving a jail term for illegal possession of gold.


This was after the woman, Evelyn Lunga (23), of Gokwe North was arrested and brought before Gokwe resident magistrate Shepherd Mjanja to answer a charge of forgery.

It has emerged that the woman was issued with a warrant of liberation by a suspected bogus Harare-based lawyer. Police have been asked to investigate the matter.

However, the trial, which was supposed to start on Wednesday was postponed indefinitely, until the police get a lead to the source of the fake liberation warrant.

Prosecutor Mandla Ndlovu told the court that on August 14, Lunga forged a warrant of liberation for her brother Amos Madzamba while at the Gokwe Magistrates’ Courts.

Madzamba is serving a five-year jail term after he was convicted for illegal possession of gold.

Lunga, who was remanded out of custody, wanted to use the warrant of liberation to free her brother.

She allegedly took the forged warrant of liberation to Gokwe Prison, where she presented it to the authorities.

Prison officers questioned the document’s authenticity and it was taken to the court offices for verification since it had the signature of the clerk of court.

At the court, it was established that the warrant of liberation was a forged document and the date stamp used on it did not exist.

The matter was reported to the police, leading to Lunga’s arrest.

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