Dj’s sex tape causes stir

RADIO presenter and socialite Tinopona Katsande says she is scared of what might happen to her after compromising images of her were leaked to the media.

Silence Charumbira, Staff Reporter

Tin Tin, as she is known, had the country in shock on Sunday night when she posted on her Facebook accounts apologies to her friends and relatives on the impending publication by a Harare tabloid, pictures from her intimate video with her ex-boyfriend.

The radio host said the pictures were stored on a mobile phone that she lost at a nightspot last year. Yesterday she said the interest that had been generated by the story terrified her.

“Some people are saying it is the end of my career while (phantom Facebook character) Baba Jukwa refers to me as a Zanu PF whore,” she lamented.

“I received a message in my Facebook inbox with all kinds of comments and accusations and I do not want to be associated with that.

“I apologise for the material that has gone public, but for me to be caught up in Baba Jukwa storm is scary.”

Katsande said she was not worried about being labelled Zanu PF, since she was born and grew up in a Zanu PF set-up.

She said Baba Jukwa had also mentioned that the leaking of the video was a Zanu PF plan to distract the youths. Asked what action she would take, she said she would be consulting her lawyers and would sue the publication.

“Of course I am suing. I have to,” she said. “I have my police report and I told them not to publish because my phone was stolen a year ago.

“It was private moments for me and my partner. I cannot even leave my house.”

Katsande said she has been receiving advice from different people and thanked her family for standing by her side.

“I have engaged my lawyers and they would be advising me on what course of action to take,” she said.

The story generated much public interest, with social media networks being abuzz from Sunday night debating the leaked pictures. Others questioned the point of publishing the pictures, while others quirried why she had left such sensitive pictures and videos in her phone. Sceptics feared she may have leaked the videos herself to gain publicity, giving an example of former Big Brother Africa: The Chase represantative Pokello Nare, who shot to fame after her sex tape was leaked.

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