Dan Tshanda on the rebound


SOUTH AFRICAN musician Dan Tshanda of the Splash fame has agreed to stage rescheduled shows in Bulawayo and Hwange after aborted performances last month which left him with egg on his face and a tattered image.


Tshanda failed to make it to Bulawayo and Hwange for two separate shows at Bulawayo Amphitheatre and Hwange Colliery Stadium respectively due to alleged misunderstandings with some of his group members despite being paid R11 000 in advance.

Tshanda’s no-show infuriated promoters who felt used and cheated out of their hard-earned money.

He cancelled the shows 24-hours before his first performance in Bulawayo.

But it emerged yesterday Tshanda and his local promoters Lussate Marketing Promotions have smoked the proverbial peace pipe.

In an interview with Southern Eye Lifestyle, Kingstone Lussate, the manager of Lussate Marketing Promotions, said Tshanda has agreed to come and fulfil the two aborted shows at dates yet to be determined.

“He said he will get back to us on the actual dates when he will come and perform. So now the ball is in his court since we had already paid him his money in full,” Lussate said.

The music promoter further revealed that the Splash front-man agreed to come a week before his scheduled shows to personally hold roadshows meant to market the gigs.

“This is intended to give fans assurance that this time he will perform. After Tshanda and his group get into the country that’s when we will start the marketing and advertising. We are afraid of disappointing the fans like we did before,” Lussate added.

“We hope this time it will work out good. We don’t want the same situation that disappointed fans as they were taken for a ride.”

Local promoters and musicians roundly condemned Tshanda for unprofessionalism.