Kwekwe gold mine battle in new twist


RETIRED Air Marshal Henry Muchena and former spy Sydney Nyanungo are set to take over Chaka Gold Plant and its gold mines following a Supreme Court order evicting Zanu PF legislator William Mtomba from the property.

Blessed Mhlanga
Staff Repoter

Muchena and Nyanungo are directors of Impamesa Minerals (Pvt) Ltd, which was given a tributary agreement by Kwekwe Consolidated Gold Mines (KCGM) to operate at the property and associated mines while paying royalties.

In a letter written to Muchena on September 9 by KCGM lawyers, Impamesa Minerals (Pvt) Ltd was invited to move into Chaka Gold Plant and start operations.

“We have been advised by our client that you can now proceed to take over Chaka Gold Plant in terms of the agreement entered into in 2012.

“The dispute between our client and Midkwe Minerals was settled by the Supreme Court on September 2,” part of the letter reads.

KCGM lawyers Mutatu and Partners said Impamesa was now in the process of moving into Chaka Gold Plant despite the fact that Mtomba’s Midkwe Minerals is trying to resist eviction from the property.

“Midkwe has since approached the Constitutional Court in a time-buying bid seeking to have the Supreme Court ruling reversed when according to the law it is clear that the Supreme Court is the last court of appeal,” the lawyers said.

“Impamesa has been made aware of this and are on the ground moving in to start operations.”

Midkwe Minerals owned by Mtomba and his Gweru-based partner Smelly Dube, has over the past two years been embroiled in a messy legal battle with KCGM over the control of the gold-rich mine.

The battle for control of the mine has seen KCGM owner Lee Waverly Jones being arrested and charged with fraudulently acquiring the company and subsequently taking control of Chaka Plant and its gold mines.