Khuxxman slams ‘bedroom’ producers


MUSIC producers in the city have castigated fly-by-night producers that “have turned their bedrooms into studios” saying this has stifled the growth of the music industry in Bulawayo.

Luyanduhlobo Makwati
Own correspondent

Khulekani Bhethule, aka Khuxxman, a renowned composer and producer, challenged artistes to take their audiences seriously because music is all about good sound and well-articulated lyrics.

“When you talk of proper music it must be a combination of well-articulated words fused with proper sound,” he said.

“But you will discover that the quality of music that is being produced in these bedrooms doesn’t appeal to audiences because the songs would have been in rooms that are not well sound proofed.”

Upcoming musician Mcheznana echoed Bethule’s sentiments say artists should hire skilled people who can assist in terms of sound when they produce their music.

However, Tafara Mjox Joga of the Emaflatini Studios in Mpopoma said it was not true that music produced from home studios was of poor quality.

Joga said he has managed to produce more than five artistes whose songs went on to be hits in the city.

“I understand that people believe that our studios are not fit for the purpose. Some of the producers call them backyard studios,” he said.

“It is not true that our rooms are not fit for purposes because music is dynamic and through advancement in technology we are now using software that allow us to produce music of high quality regardless of the venue or facility that we use.”

The debate on bedroom studios’has been raging on over the past few weeks with producers, composers and disc jockeys challenging each other on how to produce quality music.