Matabeleland people are cry-babies: Moyo


FORMER MDC director of policy and research Qhubani Moyo on Friday described the people of Matabeleland as cry-babies who are too negative about Zanu PF.


Moyo said people in the region were anti-Zanu PF to an extent of shunning opportunities offered by the ruling party only to cry foul when Matabeleland lagged behind in development.

Moyo lost the Insiza North seat to Zanu PF’s Andrew Langa in the July 31 harmonised elections.

“One of the problems we have as people of this region is that when opportunities come from the government, we don’t take them and then we cry foul from outside,” he told journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club.

“People should grab that opportunity and serve the region while in the government.

“I have walked that path where we attack people from this region who work with Zanu PF calling them sellouts and this and that, but I have realised that doesn’t help.

“It does not serve the region at all.”

In a Facebook post earlier on Friday, Moyo urged Zimbabweans to end their negative attitudes towards the Zanu PF-led government and work towards the country’s development.

“My thinking is that time has come for all of us locally and in the Diaspora to contribute positively to national development and that starts with ending that polarity and negative thinking about the new government,” Moyo wrote.

Moyo quit the Welshman Ncube-led MDC last month to focus on academia amid swirling speculation that he had been lured to join Lovemore Madhuku’s newly-formed political party, the National Constitutional Assembly or Zanu PF.

The National University of Science and Technology lecturer said the crushing defeat of MDC in the elections disappointed him so much that he was left with no energy to continue being a member of the party.

During a question-and-answer segment at the Press Club regarding his future, Moyo said he stands ready to join Zanu PF and serve the region’s interests.

“There are two options we have now as opposition parties in this country, it’s either we guard Zanu PF from inside or from outside,” he said.

“Personally, I think the best is to guard it from inside.

“If I am offered a position in this government I will take it with both hands so that that I serve my country, specially people of this region.”


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