NIKUV: What a sexy scapegoat!


SINCE its formation, Zanu PF is known to have gone to extremes to gain and retain political power. They have used textbook political mastery as well as unorthodox means to achieve their political objectives.

In the early days, this was made easy by the fact that their adversaries set their sights on fairly acquired victories while Zanu PF sets its sights on power, by hook or crook. Its argument was as it is now, that political parties are formed to attain and retain one thing — POWER.

This strong political belief became their driving force to power, but later became their own albatross as service delivery became last on their to-do-list.

In its formative years, elements in Zanu saw Zapu and its leadership as an impediment to their aspirations to power and all manner of accusations were made against Joshua Nkomo and his leadership. Later the same tactic was used against Ndabaningi Sithole which culminated in his deposition from the helm of Zanu.

When on April 3 1887, British historian Lord Acton wrote, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, he would seem to have had the Zanu PF leadership in mind. This breed would have nothing stand on their way to power.

Even revered icons like Nkomo endured traumatic treatment in the hands of this group of individuals. Nkomo went on to give a horrific account of his ordeals in his biography, The story of my life. This account put to perspective the nature of this species of political carnivores that would stop at nothing on their way to power.

The list of icons whose lives were tragically cut short include, but are not limited to, General Josiah Magama Tongogara, Herbert Chitepo, William Ndangana, General Rex Nhongo etc Granted, some could have died due to accidents but to many, their deaths left more questions than answers.

Supporters of Zanu will call the ability to protect power from anyone, internal or external, political mastery and competence as evidenced by their party’s smash and grab election victory in 1980 and subsequent elections.

However, a probing eye will not miss this devilish trend characterised by Zanu PF’s ascension to power over dead skeletons and souls.

The common tool it has used against all its opponents is deceptive brutality of Machiavellian precision. However, the biggest scandal in the history of our country’s political marketplace has gone unnoticed by many until now.

Since the formation of the MDC in 1999, brutal coercion was employed briefly before a new tactic was unleashed on the unsuspecting leadership of this mass movement. The MDC posed the biggest threat to the ruling party not because of their capacity to organise, but because the general population was organised against the ruling elite.

Faced with this formidable challenge rich in both passion and determination but clearly deficient in class, Zanu PF revisited their rule book from where scriptures that baptised Nkomo and Sithole were plucked from.

This time they decided to deploy a daring yet slick tool against their adversaries. Where it took a North Korean-trained army to destroy Nkomo and his Zapu, it took less than a dozen bootilicious women to destroy the MDC.

The fact that every man has a weakness for the fairer sex is well documented and duly acknowledged. But what is scandalous about this is that senior leaders of the MDC, in their lustful moments of weaknesses, have not only allowed themselves to be shepherded into bedrooms, but did so even in the enemy camp.

They have allowed the enemy to know every little detail about their sexual preferences, size and shapes of their gratification organs.

What is even worse is that some in the top echelons of the MDC are self-confessed enemies of that one-size-fit-all lubricated rubber which prevents unwanted pregnancies and some dreaded diseases.

Legend has it that one such senior leader, well known for his penchant to hide his banana anywhere, everywhere and in anyone, successfully imported this dreadful disease which he successfully exported to some unsuspecting victims all over the place. Some are senior members of his party while some belong to his rivals politically.

What makes this case complicated is that the fellow is aware of his status and the boys in dark glasses are too — and in possession of graphic details and photos of the fellow’s lustful escapades.

Sometime before this year’s elections, the boys in dark glasses moved swiftly to blackmail the poor fellow and by the time electioneering started, a pact to lose the election in return for saving his face was signed, sealed and delivered to the unsuspecting populace.

This is evidenced by the fact that some started claiming that the election was rigged way before voting.

This is further confirmed by inaudible allegations of vote rigging with little or no evidence to support these allegations.

These leaders know how they were rigged, but it will be too embarrassing to tell the whole world how it really happened. The truth is Zanu PF collected sufficient dossiers of immoral behaviour of Sodomic proportions by their rivals and those were dangled right in their faces and was traded with a resounding loss for the MDC.

To justify this impending electoral loss, they went on to deliberately and systematically destroy their political structures through imposing candidates and an incoherent campaign strategy.

As a result, the struggle for democratic change has been hijacked by Zanu PF itself and if leaders in the opposition ranks remain the same compromised lot, expecting to remove Zanu PF from power will be akin to expecting a mosquito to cure malaria.

  • Mso Ndlovu is a social and political commentator writing in his own capacity.