Just keep it simple



IN multi-level marketing (MLM) business, your personal success is not your greatest asset. Your greatest asset is having a system (strategy) that guarantees success for everyone using it.

Your system should be simple and duplicable such that your potential recruits or your team members could say: “This business is very simple. I think I can do it far much better than this guy.”

Keeping it simple should be the driving philosophy throughout your business career.

The quickest path to failure is to load your product and business presentations with too much detail which confuses your audience and above all wastes their time. Too much detail results in long business presentations.

Certainly, over-explaining your product and business presentations is the surest way of insulting your customer’s intelligence.

If ever your potential customers or people you want to recruit want to know more, they will definitely ask questions and probably take your answers to their questions with keen interest because you will be directly responding to what matters to them.

Study how television adverts are crafted. They are very precise and the language used is very simple for viewers to understand the message; no complicated and unnecessary big words.

Your business presentations should focus on simplicity and impact.

I suggest that your business presentations should be done in not more than 40 minutes. Spend five minutes introducing yourself and getting to know your customers. In the next 25 minutes you can focus on the actual business presentation. You can share key points of your business opportunity.

The last 10 minutes should be spent on responding to questions from your audience, distributing product catalogues, signing the joining forms and also scheduling the next appointment.

Every time ask yourself the following question: Is what I am doing simple enough to be duplicated by others?

If your answer to the above questions is a “YES”, then pat yourself on the back because you are just a few centimetres from stepping into your dream.

In network marketing you cannot duplicate a person, but you can duplicate a system/strategy. Therefore, to build a successful MLM business the system reigns supreme!

Your marketing system should be simple and duplicable and may be crafted on the following basis:

  • How to get customers,
  • How to get customer getters ( ie business partners).

Wish you the best on your path to success!

 Nqobile Tshuma is a network marketer as well as a published author of three network marketing books. You can call orWhatsApp on+263 782 028 397