Mudenda accuses MPs of corruption

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda

THE government could have been swindled of substantial amounts of money by some MPs and senators who overstated fuel allowances owed to them by Parliament.


Officially opening the post-budget seminar in Harare yesterday where senators and MPs had gathered to hear presentations by different economic and financial experts on how to interrogate budgetary issues, Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda said what the legislators were doing was corruption.

Mudenda said there was too much corruption happening in the country and he had noted with dismay that some legislators overstated fuel allowances.

“There is a lot of corruption in the country and legislators play an oversight role and must be responsible and ensure such practices are stopped,” he said.

“How can MPs stop this corruption when they themselves engage in it and overstate distances they travel coming to and from Parliament resulting in amounts owed to them for fuel allowances being inflated?”

This is not the first time MPs have been caught on the wrong side of the law.

More than 20 MP’s were in 2012 found to have abused the Constituency Development Fund meant to fund projects that benefit their constituencies.

Three MPs were arrested and charged with misappropriation of the funds, but their prosecution was stopped following the intervention of Attorney-General Johannes Tomana’s office.

Parliamentarians, Mudenda said, should be vigilant and ensure the budget allocations to line ministries were used in a responsible manner so as to avoid over-expenditure.

“MPs must be bold enough to play their oversight role and supervise line ministries so that they use what they were allocated accordingly.

“Parliament should efficiently interrogate the budget and check that the executive act responsibly,” he said.

Parliament currently owes more than a $1 million to MPs in sitting allowances and former legislators of the Seventh Session of Parliament have still not been paid.

Some former MPs are owed as much as 7 000 litres of fuel in coupons which were not remitted.Mudenda also said he was not happy with the fact that Parliament was allocated only $23 741 000 when the institution had asked for an allocation of $35 million.

“MPs must rise against party politics and should not just rubber stamp a budget.

“Like any other line ministry, Parliament has expenses and our wish was to get the amount we bid for,” he said.

Parliament will resume sitting next week to pass the Finance bills that will operationalise the $4,1 billion budget that Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa announced last month.


  1. The MPs are corruptly getting too much and he correctly getting too little despite all the comfort that he has been given! Cats fighting over bones they think have got some meat. Pamberi nehondo yokudya mari! Viva looting viva! “Zidlele imali uthule bo! Ukukhuluma umuntu egcwele ukudla emlonyeni esetafuleni its real bad table manners” the late Cde. John Landa Nkomo once said.

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