Gweru MP’s property attached


GWERU Urban MDC-T MP Sesel Zvidzai had property at his Waterglass company attached to recover a $23 000 debt owed to TelOne incurred in 2009.


Zvidzai owes $23 272 to TelOne and two of his cars have since been attached to settle part of the debt.

However, the former Local Government deputy minister was adamant that he had made payments to Telone through their lawyers Chidawanyika, Chitere and Partners.

Zvidzai said he was surprised when he received papers from TelOne stating that he had not made due payments.

“It is quite surprising that after I had made payment arrangements with TelOne and had actually paid $11 000, the situation points otherwise as if I had not paid them resulting in my two vehicles being auctioned,” Zvidzai said.

The cars are said to have been auctioned for close to $5 000 each.

TelOne’s lawyer Reginald Chidawanyika yesterday said they had been trying to engage the MDC-T legislator on payment plans to settle the debt.

He said Zvidzai was not forthcoming in showing commitment to settle the debt resulting in a High Court order in May last year for the MP to settle the debt.

Chidawanyika denied that they had received a substantial amount of money from Zvidzai to clear the debt.

“In fact, the debt is still to be cleared and efforts to have him (Zvidzai) stick to the payment plan have not yielded the desired results,” he said.


  1. what a messy, our trust in the lawyers is vanishing quickly. chitere and chidawanyika , you need to think twice to deal with them.

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