Battle for Zifa chairmanship looms


ZIFA Bulawayo Province chairperson Horace Ndubiwa and secretary Washington Sithole Chimanda have confirmed their candidacy for the top provincial seat when elections are held next week.

ZIFA Bulawayo Province chairperson Horace Ndubiwa

Thandiwe Moyo
Own Correspondent

Ndubiwa said there were a number of issues that still needed to be addressed.

“I am a candidate for the chairmanship position and I’m contesting against the secretary-general. May the best man win. In terms of unfinished business, my aim is to improve corporate governance. We need to behave as professionals,” he said.

Ndubiwa said organisations would not want to deal with unprofessional people.

He said they had to work harder on junior development and channel more resources towards it.

“We need to work on junior development. We need to work harder to come up with a development fund and channel those funds towards junior development,” Ndubiwa said.

He said they needed to improve on infrastructure and engage local authorities as an association to run some of their stadia.

Chimanda, who also confirmed his candidacy, said he felt it was high time he was given a chance to take up the post considering his experience in the association.

“I deserve to lead clubs and they will benefit a lot from my experience. I want this to be my last term in football and I think it would be appropriate if I became chairman,” he said.

Chimanda also said his main aim would be to work on junior development by improving their structure.

“Bulawayo has a potential when it comes to juniors and with the improvement of their structures, it will be possible. We also need to look at the issue of sponsorship which has become a major challenge,” he said.

Meanwhile, the province held its annual general meeting where Ndubiwa said they were giving the province feedback on what transpired throughout 2013.

He said the major problem they found was the issue of affiliation fees which 90% of the clubs managed to pay despite the challenges that they faced.

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