Prophets overtaking artistes in popularity stakes


WHAT is it with our men of God? God forbid our pastors have taken the entertainment industry circles by storm and albeit they suddenly are providing the public with more entertainment than our very own musicians, dancers and actors.

I am a God-fearing person, but then I just could not resist to interrogate the latest invasion of the public limelight by our very own pastors and in particular those of the younger generation.

Pastors of late are hogging a lot of attention in the press and media entertaining us with many a prophesy and seemingly doing their best in trying to outdo each other in making prophecies that turn out to be true. In some cases I feel the whole hullabaloo is now very comical.

The artistes have taken a back seat and the pastors are hitting the headlines. The latest amusing prophecy for me was the one on Beverly Sibanda who is said to have been “saved” by Pastor Magaya.

What was she saved from? What was she doing that she did not realise was demonic up until a pastor came to save her soul? Forgive me, but the options are so amusing.

Was she saved from performing in pubs? Beverly is known as a dancer. Was she saved from dancing?

The most likely option is that she was saved from the way she danced, but then I thought those are the dances that have made her so popular to date! Questions and no answers.

I doubt that we have seen the end of this drama. Remember that just weeks ago we woke up to a revelation that Beverly Sibanda was in fact Junior Banda.

How will she repent from church and back to her chosen profession should she realise grass is not as green as she thought it was on the other side of the fence?

Talking of Beverly and her kind of dances, I have been wondering if Zimbabwe is ready for certain themes and scenes in our television dramas and soapies.

I know we are a culturally reserved Christian nation, save the combination, but then will we ever see the bedroom scenes, the kissing scenes among other sensitive ones addressed in our films? Are we ready for that?

A scene in Daves Guzha’s Sinners had tongues wagging about Sarah Mpofu’s role in the film. Strangely we are all watching such scenes in soapies like Generations and the Bold and Beautiful day in day out.

Does it mean those explicit scenes are taboo or instead we are just not ready for them as a country.

If we are not ready how far are we from being ready for them? Is it the actors that are not ready or the viewers?

I wonder if we can compete with international standards of acting when we refuse to embrace the trends of the day. In my opinion we are just in denial.

We pretend we don’t want it yet we pay heavy instalments to DStv just to indulge in so much explicit viewing.
I suppose it is OK as long it is done by foreigners and not by people we know.

 The National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) is upon us this coming week and how excited I was when I got my invite. I thank the organisers for inviting me, but then the phrase “admit one”, really broke my heart.
So artistes and socialites cannot bring their loved ones, wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends to the prestigious event or was it just my invite that was so cruelly specific?

Does that mean that all artistes are single, me included? I love Nama. To me it’s an event where we “show off” our work to loved ones and to grace that red carpet without them is a serious minus.

It’s an international standard and at all award ceremonies we see artistes and their loved ones strutting it off with pride.

Truth be told, undertones bared naked, most artistes and those I spoke to feel the chosen venue is far too small to house an event of that magnitude.
None the less I trust those behind the event and I am very confident they have their valid reasons for holding the event in the manner they have chosen to.
I wish all nominees and those who will eventually walk away winners all the best and salute their hard work over the past year.
May we go on and show the country how capable Bulawayo is as a host for the second year running. I believe!