Survival’s Victoria Falls launch a success


BEAR GRYLLS Survival Academy — the most followed television series, launched in Victoria Falls last week — has been described as a success by a cross section of society and environmentalists in the resort town.

Nokuthaba Dlamini
Own Correspondent

In an interview at the Stanley and Livingstone game reserve in Victoria Falls, the academy’s lead instructor and course developer, Scott Heffield said they were looking forward to the Mozambique launch later this year after the success in Zimbabwe.

“This is our first launch in Africa and it was very successful,” he said. “Our plans are to have another launch later this year on the African coastal soil, particularly in Mozambique.”

A tourist from South Africa who attended the launch also described the programme as a big success not only for Zimbabwe, but for Africa as a whole.

“I thought that it is impossible for me to undertake such a demanding exercise, but to my surprise, I realised that there is nothing impossible for as long as a person is determined.

“This is a pride not for Zimbabwe alone, but for Africa as a whole” she said with a wide smile.

The launch, which included the eating of mopane worms, tree leaves, drinking unpurified water and surviving in very difficult circumstances, blends well with the environment and promotes conservation efforts.
Paul Gardiner, the managing director of Worldwide Experience described the academy as very important and inclusive of nature, conservation and education.
“Nature, conservation and education are really important to us and we are so excited to continue working with Bear and his team as the survival academy has for the first time launched itself in Africa,” he said.
“Our aim is to inspire people to reconnect with the natural world and the course will give humanity a real raw, but fulfilling experience which will hopefully leave them feeling challenged but with big smiles on their faces.”