HIGHLANDERS vice-chairman Mgcini Sibhalo Mpofu has taken to social networks to appeal to club supporters to raise $10 000 towards turning the Bosso clubhouse into a fully-fledged sports facility.


Mpofu, who is in charge of the Highlanders Sports Club and Manwele Beer Garden yesterday appealed to Highlanders supporters through the Highlanders FC — Bosso supporters’ Facebook page to help him raise the money, which he said would help in phase one of sprucing up the facility in terms of fencing, borehole drilling and sourcing irrigation pipes and maintenance of the clubhouse which the Bosso auditors have said is a major source of funds.

“I invite you to help me raise $10 000 through this page and I know it’s possible. This is to turn the clubhouse into a sports club and it is phase one of the project. Instead of waiting for sponsorship that might take long to come, (we should raise) $1 800 for fencing, $3 000 for the borehole and PVC irrigation pipes and $5 000 for stocking and general maintenance. You did it for Mpilo, why can’t we do it for Bosso?” Mpofu wrote.

The appeal through the supporters’ Facebook page comes hard on the heels of Highlanders chairman Peter Dube’s outburst over the use of social media by Bosso supporters at the club’s annual general meeting a few weeks ago.

Dube said some platforms were destroying the image of the club.

“Due to financial constraints, it has taken us a while to launch the club’s official website and other media social platforms that would enable members and the club to keep abreast on club matters. The importance and urgency of this matter cannot be underplayed considering the abuse and damage caused by the self-styled platforms that purport to be club mouthpieces,” Dube said.

Most of the members of the Bosso supporters’ group accepted the move by Mpofu and pledged to assist, suggesting other platforms that could be used to raise the funds.

Brighton Mandla Mpofu, who is based in Harare, suggested that the Highlanders vice-chairman should open an EcoCash account.

“Open an EcoCash account to which people can send monies. We are more than willing to do that,” Mpofu said.

Former Highlanders team doctor Xolani Ndlovu, who left the club to further his studies in South Africa, had other ideas.

“Please open PayPal account. We can’t use Ecocash in the Diaspora,” he said.

Victor November, who is based in Tsholotsho said: “Apart from just pledging our support, let’s throw in ideas right now. We have 4 466 members in our group. If we all contribute $10 by March 30 2014, we will have $44 660 and we are done!”

Mthulisi Ncube Malaba, who is in Johannesburg, South Africa, suggested a link to the Highlanders principal sponsors BancABC.

“I think the other idea that I had in mind was to involve the guys outside the country — in SA and the UK to design an App (Android, Microsoft and OS) that will be linked to maybe BancABC so people can download the app and make donations through credit cards then the money goes straight to our account. The app can also be used as a news hub for Bosso news and the PSL updates.

“Should you guys think it’s a good idea, I am willing to help set it up (copyright protected),” Malaba said.

The once vibrant Highlanders Clubhouse where the team used to train without having to use council facilities for hire has been a white elephant for a long time, with the sports grounds under-utilised.

From last year’s financial statements, the clubhouse made purchases of $52 705 and made bar sales of $78 320.

Manwele made purchases of $227 310 and posted $291 416 in sales. Hlabangana Lounge — also at the clubhouse — is set to start business soon, according to board chairman Mgcini Nkolomi.


  1. i will contribute $1 and hope my other 9 999 other fellow highlanders enthusiastic supporters will do the same. where do we send our contribution. we want to do it now.

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