Blood donation drive successful

Blood bags

THE National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) only managed to collect 24 out of 100 units of blood targeted at a donor event held at Bulawayo’s TM Hyper Supermarket on Saturday.


The exercise was held under the theme “Belated Valentine’s Special Day” and only 38 members of the public donated blood.

NBSZ Matabeleland public relations officer Sifundo Ngwenya said although they had targeted 100 units, they were happy to have collected some blood.

“We had a target of collecting 100 units of blood and we are grateful to those who donated the blood as we managed to collect 24 units. But because it was raining, we received donations from 38 people and only 24 were successful,” he said.

He said similar exercises had been held in Mutare, Masvingo and Harare.

Ngwenya said the NBSZ would host another blood donating event at Eveline High School on March 8.

The NBSZ encouraged people to attend the event and donate blood to help save lives.

“We urge members of the public to continue supporting the blood donation exercises. We need to keep our blood bank stocked to ensure that we meet the requirements of patients.

“We are encouraging people countrywide to donate blood in huge numbers so that we can keep the nation afloat. People should know that blood donation is everyone’s responsibility,” Ngwenya said.

The lives of patients requiring blood transfusion at government institutions have been placed at great risk as they have no money to refill blood stocks that have virtually dried up.

A critical shortage of blood at the country’s major referral hospitals has been blamed on the decision by the NBSZ to demand cash upfront from hospitals.

The NBSZ, which collects blood from donors and also performs the screening, is not only demanding cash up front, but has raised the price for a pint of blood from $80 to $135.