Prices marginally drop


THE consumer basket for a family of six has marginally decreased by 0,29% to $559,93 due to non-movement of other goods in the basket in February, the consumer watchdog has said.

Tarisai Mandizha
Business Reporter

Consumer Council of Zimbabwe in a statement yesterday said prices of consumer goods such as mealie-meal, cooking oil, cabbage, fresh milk, salt, washing powder, laundry bars, and bath soap slightly went down during the month under review while prices of sugar, tea leaves, bread and flour remained unchanged.

CCZ statistics showed that the food basket increased by 19 cents to $150,52 from $150,33 in February on the back of price increases in detergents. During the month under review, the cost of soaps and detergents decreased by $1,82 to $10, 1 due to promotions carried out by many retail outlets.

The cost of  500grammes of margarine rose by 34 cents to $2,39 while the price of tomatoes (1kg) increased by 23 cents to 98 cents, a 2kg packet of rice increased by 6 cents to $1,65.

The price of a kilogramme of onion and beef increased by 15 cents and 10 cents respectively to settle at 95 cents and $4 respectively.

Official statistics showed that year-on-year inflation for the month of January gained by 0,08% to 0,41% on the December figure of 0,33%.

While the year-on-year food and non-alcoholic beverages inflation, prone to transitory shocks, stood at 2,08%, non-food inflation rate was 1,67%.

In 2013, inflation closed the year below 5% as projected by Treasury.

Treasury said global inflation is projected to be subdued as a result of commodity prices that have fallen amid improved supply and lower demand from key emerging economies, notably China and India.