Town clerk sets record straight


OUTGOING Gwanda town clerk Gilbert Mlilo, due to retire in May, yesterday dismissed reports that he requested an extension of his contract to December saying it was council which had requested him to stay.


Mlilo, who has been with council for 26 years, was supposed to retire last year.

“I never requested any extension to stay beyond May which is my retirement date,” he said in response to reports that councillors had turned down a request from him to remain at the helm of the Matabeleland North provincial capital.

“It was council through its staffing committee in January that asked me to stay.

“The committee said they were fairly new in council and they needed me for a few months.

“I told the committee that if it’s a genuine request and the Local Government ministry agreed then it’s OK, but I told them that I also wanted to have time with my grandchildren.

“A full special council then sat and accepted my resignation and it was agreed that the post be advertised and we work out a retirement package,” Mlilo said.

He said the impression that had been created was that he was refusing to leave council.

“That is not true. I have been with council for 26 years and contributed a lot in the town’s development,” he said.

“It pains me that after serving for so long I am now viewed as being greedy.”

Applications for a new town clerk closed last Friday and council is now sifting through submitted CVs.

Mlilo said he was not involved in determining his pay.

He said a job evaluation was conducted in 2011 and new structures were approved in April 2013.