What are you selling in network marketing?


I WOULD like to examine the psychology behind buying decisions of people.

In other words, what motivates people to buy goods and services?

People don’t buy goods or services for the sake of buying, but they buy commodities as long as that they would help them solve their problems. Right?

Let’s have a look at the following examples just to make my point clear about the factor that makes people buy goods and services:

  •   People buy food (solution) to satisfy hunger (problem),
  • People buy cars (solution) to get transport (problem),
  • People buy houses (solution) to get accommodation (problem),
  • People go to music functions or pay hard cash at soccer stadiums in order to watch football matches so that they get entertained (solution) and in the process “kill” boredom (a big problem).

The bigger the problem the more money people are willing to pay in order to solve the problem.

When we look at the scenarios above, we can therefore, safely conclude that people are more than prepared to buy anything as long as that “thing” will help them solve their problems. Period.

End of story.

Therefore, in network marketing we are selling solutions and benefits to our target market.

If you are in a health and beauty company you are not retailing nutritional supplements and lotions, but you are selling solutions or avoiding pain through the use of products.

You are selling a longer, a healthier lifestyle and relief from ailments.

You are selling freedom from disturbing facial pimples.

When you are marketing your business opportunity you are not selling a compensation plan, but you are selling pride and achievement.

You are selling the education of their children.

You are selling their dream car. You are selling the solution to painful bills and frustrated spouse caused by being broke.

People buy benefits (solutions) of products and the business opportunity and they don’t buy product features’ and unfortunately many network marketers spend most of their time talking about product features than focusing on benefits which trigger people to make a buying decision.

So in your business presentations spend 80% of your time talking about the benefits (solutions) of your product and the compensation plan and 20% narrating the product features.

It is of paramount importance to include one or two products or business testimonials in your business presentations because testimonies give your customers a clear picture about business benefits than talking about product features.

Finally, you have to position yourself as a leader and a network marketing expert who can help the people in your target market to have a smooth access to the benefits you talked about in the your business presentation.

This is the fundamental basis of attraction network marketing.

Wish you the best on your path to success!

Nqobile Tshuma is a network marketer and an author of three network marketing books.
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