Upcoming artistes top ZiFm charts


Three local upcoming artistes have released a single track titled My African Swag.

Luyanduhlobo Makwati
Own correspondent

The track, released last month, has become popular on local radio stations topping the charts at ZiFm. It was recorded in Bulawayo under the guidance of Joshua Chitsa.

Tendai Sithole, aka Blqlpz, Neville Sigauke and Joshua Chitsa recorded the track at Dub Nation studios.

The three told Southern Eye Lifestyle that when they produced the track they did not think it would go big.

“When we did our track we didn’t expect that it would become a commercial track. We thought it would just be an underground thing.

“However, we are overwhelmed by the response that we received especially when we heard our track on radio,” they said.

Chitsa added that they had been following the track on radio, now sitting on number three on Gibson Ncube’s programme called Bulawayo Charts.

“We have been following our track on radio and now it is sitting on position three and we are looking forward to people continuing voting for our track. It is our plan to officially launch this single in Bulawayo during the Easter Holiday this year,” he said.