DJ Prince gives Juice Box a dancehall feel


BULAWAYO disc jockey Nkosana Prince Lunga, aka DJ Prince, has remixed Alaina’s R&B song Juice Box to give it a dancehall feel.


The remix, produced by P2Daoh, is making waves on the fast growing platform for Bulawayo’s urban musicians, The Zi Saturday Zone ;Yo link to the City of Kings &Queens hosted by Gibson Ncube on ZiFM. Remixing songs is a common practice on the music scene, but DJ Prince feels that it is about time that local musicians took up the initiative to higher levels.

“Some of our music is good and some of it is bad. Some musicians can have good content, good vocals, but the track can be spoilt by its production.

“It’s tracks like this that I as a DJ feel could be turned around and given a different vibe and then have a new life”,” the disc jockey said.

Ncube said what DJ Prince did was a good way of getting local music to people in an interesting manner.

“To be honest I wasn’t blown away by the original version of Juice box but this dancehall version by DJ Prince is the thing and I think that’s why it is getting on our weekly top 10 chart show,” he said.

Shanice Pullen, aka Alaina, echoed the same sentiments as Ncube.

“This is a good way of making music interesting and I thank DJ Prince for his abilities. I urge other artists to do the same,” she said.

Bellow is the original track by Alaina :