Garura new gospel video rocks ZTV

“My idea is concentrating on the level of artistic approach of gospel musicians as God himself is an artist. From creation to everything God does, one sees the high level of artistic approach

CLARENCE Garura’s newly-released music video Umthandazo WeZimbabwe has taken the music industry by storm as it continues to receive rave views in the national broadcaster, the ZTV.

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Garura’s video has garnered nationwide support from Christians across the country after its release a fortnight ago.

The video was shot in Bulawayo and features a local contemporary and traditional dance outfit Khaya Arts.

Without blowing his own trumpet, Garura confessed the video was the “best of all his previous works”.

He described the video as a thanksgiving to God for good things that he has done for the country, adding the message was an exhortation of forgiveness.

“We thank God for every deed that he has done to this country,” he said.

“Umthandazo WeZimbabwe is a prayer for thanking God for the leaders he gave us, thanking the leaders who lead us in Zimbabwe and also asking for harmony and peace in Zimbabwe.

“As Zimbabweans, it is our duty to pray for our country and its leaders,” he added.

Garura’s latest video follows the hit single Countdown — a gospel track which hit the market early last month.

Since the release of Countdown, Garura, who doubles up as the regional representative for the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association, has proved his relevance in showbiz by quickly dropping an adrenalin-paced video likely to leave his fellow musicians green with envy.