Gwanda boy buried


A GWANDA boy who died at a Harare hospital a few hours before he was due for surgery to remove a growth in his brain was buried in a moving ceremony at Tshoboyi village amid calls for the government to improve the state of its hospitals.

Albert Ncube
Own Correspondent

Nine-year-old Lesego Moyo died on Friday at Pararenyatwa Hospital in Harare before he could be transferred to the Avenues Clinic where the surgery was set to be performed.

The private healthcare centre had demanded $13 000 upfront in medical fees.

Grieving family members, relatives, friends and neighbours were emotionally touched as they viewed Lesego’s body and the situation became even worse when his coffin was lowered into his final resting place.

He was described by many speakers as a cheerful boy who always wore a beautiful smile.

Molvin Dube a teacher at St Christopher’s School where Lesego attended, said there was need for the government to improve the health delivery system to save lives.

“Lesego has gone too soon, what pains us (teachers) most is that we could not assist much as the medical fees that were demanded were too high, there is need for the government to provide similar services in its hospitals,” he said.

Surgery had been delayed as Lesego’s mother Senzelwe Moyo ran around to raise the required medical fees. Family spokesman Tela Moyo thanked all those that provided support for Lesego up to the time of his untimely death.

Lesego was earlier this year diagnosed with a brain tumor and had been in and out of Parirenyatwa Hospital as his mother ran around to raise the required fees.

A fortnight ago Lesego’s mother made a desperate plea for help as his son’s condition worsened.

She said they had managed to raise $10 000 when Lesego died on Friday morning before he could be transferred to the Avenues Clinic for surgery.