Masvingo threatens diapers ban


A ROW has erupted between the Masvingo City Council and residents after mayor Hubert Fidze proposed a ban on diapers saying they were being illegally disposed of and finding their way into the city’s main water source Lake Mutirikwi.


Speaking at a fundraising dinner for cancer patient Muchaneta Mataruse last Friday, Fidze proposed that the use of diapers be banned in the city as they were causing blockages in sewer systems.

“Pampers have become another health threat to residents because of their poor disposal,” he said.

“Some pampers find their way into Mutirikwi Dam, our main water source due to the heavy rains we received this year.

“I seriously propose that until such time that we have a proper disposal system, they should be banned. They are creating a new health hazard as sometimes they are being thrown in the open.”

However, the Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers’ Association (Murra) reacted angrily to Fidze’s remarks saying instead there would be a health hazard if diapers were banned because council was struggling to provide adequate water supplies.

“Some suburbs go for days without water. Imagine how it will be like when there is no water to wash nappies and pampers have been banned?

“First, the council should be able to supply water to residents before it proposes a ban on pampers, otherwise it will be worse.

“Instead of finding pampers where waste will be wrapped inside, they will find paper bags full of waste all over,” Murra programmes co-ordinator, Anozivaishe Muguti, said.

He said council was to blame for poor disposal of pampers because it was failing to regularly collect refuse.

“The council is failing to collect refuse on time despite the fact that residents pay religiously.

“The blame should be on council, not residents. Council should have a proper disposal system of refuse.

“People dumb refuse in open places because council would have failed to collect refuse,” Muguti added.