Circumcision can save $2,3b: PSI


ZIMBABWE could save up to about $2,3 billion channelled towards HIV and Aids-related complications if the circumcision process is properly rolled out, the co-ordinator of Population Services International (PSI), Rudo Chikodzore, has said.


Addressing journalists at a voluntary medical male circumcision workshop at a local hotel yesterday, Chikodzore said there had been a significant increase in male circumcision uptake since 2009 and if more men were circumcised, that would reduce their chances of contracting the disease.

“There is need for people to take circumcision seriously because the move will reduce the total costs that are incurred in the treatment and averting of HIV and Aids,” Chikodzore said.

She said the PSI target was to circumcise about 1,3 million men between the ages of 13 and 49 years by 2015 and this would also help reduce cervical cancer.

“Our target is to make sure that we circumcise as many people as possible within these stipulated periods because this will benefit a lot of people countrywide and will also create an environment that is friendly and safe for the next generation,” Chikodzore added.