Jumbos, buffalo kill 2 in Binga, Vic Falls


A 32-YEAR-OLD Victoria Falls man was trampled to death by elephants on Saturday and another one was killed by a buffalo the following day in Binga.

Nokuthaba Dlamini
Own Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) yesterday said the man identified as Steven Mathe was killed on Saturday evening. Zimparks spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo said the man sustained a broken leg and multiple body injuries.

“The body of the deceased is at the Victoria Falls hospital mortuary,” she said in a statement.

Washaya-Moyo said Zimparks was carrying out awareness campaign programmes with communities to avoid deaths due to attacks by wild animals. She said plans were underway to engage the Victoria Falls council to carry out combined awareness campaign programmes.

“The authority urges the Victoria Falls community to report any sightings of elephant herds to either the nearest police or parks office and not to travel at night as well as avoid areas with thicket,” Washaya-Moyo said.

Hwange Rural District Council deputy chairperson Matthew Muleya said Mathe’s body was discovered on Sunday morning. “I can confirm the death of Steven Mathe who was seen by residents of Masuer dumpsite area on Sunday morning,” he said.

One of Mathe’s relatives who preferred to remain anonymous, said he had left Victoria Falls town at around 8pm and he was walking along Masuer dumpsite area on his way to Monde where he was going to visit his wife and children. Muleya said Mathe would be buried tomorrow at his Lupinyu homestead.

He urged residents to avoid walking at night as the animals were now a threat to human beings.

“The elephants have grown to moving much in this town and it is difficult for us to curb them, therefore I urge people not to walk at night so as to reduce such dangers,” Muleya said.

Meanwhile, Zimparks said a 70-year-old man was killed by a buffalo on Sunday morning. The man from Kavula Village in Binga under Chief Kavula was trampled by a lone buffalo.

“Investigations revealed the deceased and his wife went to their field about a kilometre from their homestead,” she said.

“Upon reaching the field they saw what they thought was a cow and the man attempted to drive it off the field. He only realised it was a buffalo when he was too close and the buffalo charged at him, gored him and he died on the spot.

“His wife managed to escape and rushed to alert other villagers about the incident.”