Mayor cycles to work


KWEKWE mayor Matenda Madzoke, who refused to take delivery of an official brand new Isuzu D–tec double cab approved by council, last week dumped his personal vehicles and cycled to work on Thursday last week.



Madzoke cycled around the city clad in a suit and stopped around business premises talking to residents and captains of industry in an event that caught the attention of passers-by.

Madzoke said he had dumped his vehicles and chosen to cycle so that he could show ratepayers that he was just an ordinary man who also faced the same challenges as most people.

He indicated that he planned to cycle to work more often.

“I understand the challenges of the average man on the street, especially now when companies are closing and disposable income is tight. Some people think as mayor, I might be living a lavish life and that I don’t understand the challenges they face,” Madzoke said.

Council had approved the acquisition of a $58 000 Isuzu D-tec for Madzoke and had already paid a deposit of $30 000, but he turned it down.

His council also turned down an attempt by town clerk Emmanuel Musara and his management to splash $200 000 on three personal vehicles for top management at the expense of service delivery. Kwekwe, which in 2012 won the best maintained road network award from the Local Government ministry, is now reeling from massive potholes.

Madzoke has said he would only allow council to buy him a vehicle once the city’s roads have been patched, refuse collected and health delivery improved.


  1. Sanity prevails at last! You Mr Mayor deserve to run for the president’s office, this is what we want from all public servant’s, you could teach a thing a two to the Byo council buying luxurious vehicles to show the status of the mayor in society………..

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