Businessman, mechanic in nasty fight over debt


A MECHANIC hired by construction company to conduct hydraulic system repairs of a grounded grader nearly lost his right eye after he allegedly tried to attack a contractor over non-payment.


The construction firm’s managing director Mungane Ncube yesterday said Blessed Dhliwayo was threatening him and his wife almost on a daily basis demanding payment for a job he failed to do.

Ncube said Dhliwayo failed to repair the grader as it had never moved despite paying a deposit of $800.

Dhliwayo of Magwegwe North in Bulawayo was hired for the job on February 1, 2013 following an agreement between the construction company and Supreme Trading at a cost of $3 200. On Wednesday Dhliwayo said it was agreed that the payment would be done after the grader’s hydraulic system was fully repaired.

“I repaired the grader’s hydraulic system. The grader had an interior pump problem which is not under the hydraulic system.

“I had finished my own duty as the pump system which falls under the engine was not under the agreed contract,” he said.

“I wrote a letter twice for a round table meeting to talk about my pay since I had finished my work.

“We met on April 23 and I was told to go to Kelvin North to see a manager by the name V Moyo.”

Dhliwayo said when he arrived at Kelvin North the following day, he found Ncube who asked him what he wanted at his company’s premises.

“I told him I wanted to see Moyo. I then told Moyo that it was proper for me to get paid half of the total amount because it had been long since I completed the job,” he said.

Dhliwayo said he asked if it was possible for him to remove some spares from the grader as payment if the company could not pay him in cash.

“That is when Ncube, who was close by, jumped and grabbed me by my shirt and head-butted me on my right eye,” he said.

“He said I had come to fight with him in his premises.

“I started bleeding profusely from the eye and went to the police where I was given a letter to go to Richard Morris Hospital where I had five stitches.”

Dhliwayo said the following day he was approached by someone he suspected to be a cop who told him he had been sent by Ncube to apologise.

“They said I must not report the case, but I reported at the Western Commonage. Ncube has never been arrested,” he said.

Dhliwayo’s medical report indicated that there was a 50% chance of his right eye going blind.

However, Ncube yesterday dismissed the assault allegations saying Dhliwayo was the one who attacked him.

“He tried to attack me, but was restrained by Moyo. He then jumped, knocking his eye against my head and got injured,” he said.

“He is demanding money when he failed to repair the grader.

“He threatened to kill me and has been troubling me since.

“A few minutes before you called me, he was at my wife’s shop in Nkulumane where he threatened her saying he would revenge on her for injuries I caused him.”

Ncube said he was contemplating applying for a peace order against Dhliwayo as he was now a danger to him, his workers and family.