Handling personal problems


TODAY I want to share with you two critical areas in our life’s journey that will cause us a lot of problems if we neglect them and do not pay attention to.

Life has some details that we must attend to lest we miss its course. There is nothing as frustrating as living your life out of its course.

Many of us are frustrated by their own lives today because they are living it out of its designated route and trying hard to force it fit in what they think is the right way. There are two key things that I want us to consider today.

Pay attention to the three major “details” of life.

There are three very important life details that we never must ignore if we want to live our lives in full. The challenge is that we spend most of our time attending to symptoms rather than the real things. What are these key things?

  •  Pay attention to your life’s purpose. Every life has a purpose and this purpose drives your life. Life lived out of purpose is frustrating to say the least. Life lived out of its purpose has not been lived yet. You see, all the things you are looking for are released to you when you get to the purpose of your life. Have you ever bothered finding what it is that you were born to do?

This is where your power is. This is where your wealth, joy and satisfaction are. As long as you live out of your God-designed purpose, you will struggle in this life and you will be as frustrated as you can imagine.

  •  Pay attention to your gift. God has given each one of us a gift. This is something good that we can do best and bring joy and ministry to others. The Bible teaches that a man’s gift will make room for them among kings. It is your gift that opens doors to excel in life.

Many of us neglect our gifts and live life like we are beggars. Inside of you there is something so powerful it will cause you to walk not only in abundance, but in the fullness of life.

Poverty can be defeated if all of us attended to our gifts and used them to bless others and ourselves. You see, the power to succeed in life and even to create what you desire is inside of you. Do not look for it outside in the world. It is in you and is a God-given gift. Attend to it and your life will improve greatly.

  •  Pay attention to the real source of life. Your life has a source which is God. All life flows from God and your challenge is that you want to live life like you created it. God has a blueprint of how you can live your life and enjoy it.

The more you neglect Him, the more frustrated your life becomes. It is the best thing to do to always keep attached to the source. Have a relationship with God in the way of the Bible and you will get onto the designed route of your life.

Engage in life.

Life is about engagements. It is about networks, fellowship, connections and a whole range of relationships. Sometimes your struggles are a result of your failure or unwillingness to engage. You cannot walk alone in this journey called life.

Most people fail to engage because they are deceived and think that everyone hates them and no one understands them. If you really paid attention to much detail, you would discover that no one hates you. It is your thinking or something that you do not want to change in your life.

It could also be that you are the one hating others and you think it is them. Your challenge also could be that you judge everyone the same. The fact that Dube hurt you last time does not mean Moyo will do the same.

No one is perfect. Make an effort to create meaningful relationships. Go out and interact with like-minded people who plan and think big.

Do not sit back and mourn, but try and reach out too. People get attracted to those who present themselves attractively.

Life is about relationships and everything we might need is with other people. It is relationships that release these to us. You will not enjoy life while you are disengaged.

You see, you have a great deal of work to do in finding your space and enjoying your life.

My prayer for us all is to find our purpose, work on our gifts and through our gifts and build relationships that add value to us and our dreams.

Most of your issues will align if you attended to such simple basics of life.

Stay blessed.

 Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counselling consultant and author of Responding to Personal Crisis. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207/ 712 384 841.