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We would like to publish your photo, your audio and video. We already have overwhelming citizen journalism coming our way and we are loving it.

Every month a team of selectors will award prizes for the best story, picture, audio and video. And we would like to give you an opportunity to be part of our team.

Your stories and images will be on our websites under the section Southern Voices. Be the reporter and tell your own story.
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  1. Well done AMH, AT least those pressing stories the main press didnt care about may now be put to the public forum. I remember how mdala Sambulo (SaKholwane) of Fumukwe, Gwanda Southwest could have easiluy been inteerred at the local heroes acre had his exploits been vividly told to ears that listened and egos that cares. Sambulo went poaching many atimes in the expansive (Tuli Breeding Station–now Guyu) in 1976 and luck ran out of him and his hunting troop of dogs one morning. He disturbed a lactating leopard, starting a bloody scuffle between himself andf the enstranged wild cat while his dozen dogs scamperred for cover behind him.The leopard would have none of it and mauled before Brian Harvey, son of the farm manager who was on rest and return leave fin the Rhodeisan military apparatus intervened.Brian and Simeon Bhukutsha heard ‘Mayibabo Distress calls from the hilly side of the paddock gate and raced to find tree branches broken, blood sputter allover and human flesh mauled but still hanging loose on Sambulo’s forearms and thighs. Brian aimed at the leopard;s head with his service FN rifle and pulled the trigger resulting in the fall of both the attacking cat and its victim. Another two shots split the cat’s heart and brains and Sambulo also collapsed probably thinking the white man had shot him too. Quickly, the two law-breakers were whisked away to the nearest Manama Hospital, fifty knilometres away where Sambulo spent two wweeks to recover. Mr. Harvey, the farm manager forgave him and thanked Sambulo for exposing a predator that had killed numerous calves on the far.An offer for a job as a security guard was turned by Sambulo whose next exploit was to help freedom fighter aspirants cross the Shashi River to undergo military training in the frontline states and return to oust the settler government. Sambulo now crossed paths with the deadly Rhodesian security network and died later helping over three hundred liberator trainees cross the border and return to free Zimbabwe and after several brutal detentions by the cruel Gwanda Special Branch officers. Here is a hero undeclared ladies and gentlemen. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

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