Man uses ngoma, rat poison to kill self


A 27-YEAR-OLD Emganwini man in Bulawayo allegedly drank poison and died on Friday after his wife was impregnated by her brother-in-law.


According to a neighbour, the man, Jackson Kapanga, drank a Bronco concoction, a mixture of Haestalix D cough syrup and other drugs, popularly known as ngoma, before drinking rat poison which he bought from the Emganwini flea market. Kapanga was rushed to a 24-hour clinic in Nketa 9 where he was treated and discharged, but died at home on Friday.

“Kapanga was drinking ngoma with his friends and later bought rat poison from the flea market and drank it.

“When he fell ill he was rushed to the clinic where they concluded that he had consumed a lot of ngoma and discharged him on Thursday, but he died the following day at home,” said the neighbour.

Kapanga allegedly had a dispute with his wife over a child born after she allegedly slept with her younger sister’s husband in 2012.

“They had a long standing dispute with his wife over a child born after his wife was impregnated by her younger sister’s husband in 2012 and they separated,” said the neighbour.

Another neighbour, George Chivi, said the couple operated a flea market and Kapanga went to work in South Africa in 2008 leaving his wife behind.

The wife stayed in the same block with her younger sister and Kapanga used to send goods for resale at their flea market.

Chivi alleged that this was also the period that Kapanga’s wife engaged in an intimate relationship with her sister’s husband until she fell pregnant in 2012.

“That is when their marriage broke down,” said Chivi.

Her younger sister also separated with her husband after the alleged infidelity. Kapanga’s wife moved in with her brother-in-law and went to stay in a section popularly known as dark city in Emganwini, but they later separated.

Another neighbour Samson Hwata said two weeks ago, Kapanga felt his children needed their father and decided to reconcile with his estranged wife and assisted her get employment at a local social club.

“We were all surprised that Kapanga went on to commit suicide soon after getting back together with his wife,” Hwata said.

Kapanga’s body was taken for burial in Watungwa village under Chief Maunganidze in Masvingo province.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo was unavailable for comment.