Thousands to sit for June examinations


THE Zimbabwe School Examination Council (Zimsec) June ‘O’ Level examinations are set to start on Monday and end on June 18 with a record 104 315 registered to write.


Most June entries are for candidates not in the formal education set-up with most supplementing, particularly English and Maths.

According to a notice on the Zimsec website, examination centres are required to seek permission to alter the timetable under special circumstances.

“Centres please note that the time-tabled examination dates (as appearing on this timetable) take precedence over all examination dates quoted elsewhere in any other documents from Zimsec, viz:- statements of entry, attendance registers, etc, unless otherwise advised officially by the council in separate correspondence other than documents quoted above.

“Time-table clashes: If a candidate is entered for two or more papers that are time-tabled for the same examination session, both papers must be taken in the same session.

“A time-table deviation application must be submitted to Zimsec before the examination.

“Please note that in all instances where a time-table deviation occurs, candidates starting an examination other than at the scheduled time must be kept isolated from candidates who have already taken the paper.

“For further information regarding time-table clashes, please contact Zimsec,” part of the notice reads.