Exclusive interview with Streak


New Bangladesh national team bowling coach Heath Streak (HS) speaks to tigercricket.com.bd (TC) correspondent on the eve of his arrival in Bangladesh. Below are excepts of the interview:

TC: What is your coaching philosophy?
HS: My philosophy is very simple. It is about working hard, playing harder and having no regrets when you finish each game.

TC: You have been seeing the Bangladesh team for a long time. What has changed over the years?
HS:  They have grown in experience and confidence with quality players coming through the ranks. Bangladesh have a much stronger player base to select form now.

TC: How much potential do you see in the Bangladesh bowling and how do you plan to make things better?
HS: I see huge potential here. I will mainly concentrate on working on factors like consistency and mental strength which is required to perform under pressure at international level.

TC: You have been a frequent visitor to Bangladesh.
What would be your fondest memory here on or off the field?
HS: My first ever game for Zimbabwe was in Dhaka when I was only 19 and that was a very proud moment.

TC: Thanks for giving us the time to have this little chit chat and hope to have more from you later.
 HS: Thanks to tigercricket.com.bd as well.

— tigercricket.com.bd