Ban night clubs: Councillors


BULAWAYO City Council councillors were at each other’s throats yesterday evening over granting of permits for night clubs to operate in the central business district with some calling for a ban of night spots.

Nqobile Bhebhe
Chief Reporter

The issue came after Brumat (Pvt) Ltd which runs Horizon Restaurant sought council permission to establish a night club.

According to a council report, the application had been advertised and adjacent property owners including banks did not object.

Currently the place is licensed to run a liquor restaurant.

However, at a full council meeting yesterday some councillors sought to block the granting of the permit saying night clubs were a nuisance and should be banned.

They said Bulawayo should not be like Harare which they said was noisy at night.

Councillor Clayton Zana was first to object.

“We should not be a laughing stock as Bulawayo. We can’t have a night club right at the central business district. There are banks close by. It’s bad for our image,” he said.

“We can’t allow that as Bulawayo and people who drink at night clubs are not smart.”

He was supported by councillor Gideon Mangena.

“We should not be like Harare. It’s noisy at night clubs. People are killed at those places,” he said.

However, several councillors objected to the proposals by the councillors saying there was nothing wrong with night clubs in the city centre.

Councillor Tamani Ncube said: “Harare is vibrant due to night clubs . . . just one night club in the middle of town shouldn’t be a worry. It’s a night club not a day club. Banks which are closed by did not object so are we to do so.

“The place is frequented by government ministers because it’s a poshy  area. We are not favouring anyone.

“There is a swimming pool there and whites like to go there because of its beauty.”

Some councillors said business people were fleeing Bulawayo because there was no vibrant night life in the city.

Councillor Collet Ndlovu said some people were driving as far as Gweru to enjoy night life.


  1. no please to night clubs in the city centre. how much has this guy given to the councillors for them to say yes to horizon being a night club. yes bulawayo is different to harare and we want to remain different. we dont want to be vibrant in that way. we are proud of what we are.we have our vision and our style. some of these councillors dont know where byo came from and where it was going until zanu and the people from the east interfered. we thought you guys after being voted in with full support you will know what byo people want.

  2. backwarded @ SSSS. bulawayo means place of killing. now you want to kill the vibrant life that is attained thru the clubs. i wonder who u guys represent. no wonder why byo is not developing.

  3. “whites want to go there”. So what? Mental slavery at its highest manifestation! So the night club license should be granted because ” whites want to go there”? Nonsense!

  4. l am totally disappointed needless to say how people behave its practically their ryt yiyo ifreedom of expressin afta all wat u feel is ryt myt not to me so this banning is uncalled for.Bulawayo turning 120 was aided by the success of such businesses the clubs and ur excuse of sayin we will b lyk Harare is absurd.Allow capitalism so we could be that once economical hub…Councillors consult

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