We won’t mourn Shamuyarira: Mat groups


PRESSURE groups in the Matabeleland region yesterday said they would not mourn the death of former minister and retired Zanu PF information secretary Nathan Shamuyarira due to his provocative Gukurahundi remarks.


Shamuyarira died on Wednesday night at West End Clinic in Harare. He was 85. Shamuyarira triggered a political firestorm in 2009 when he publically expressed no regret for the brutal killing of more than 20 000 civilians by the notorious 5 Brigade in Matabeleland and some parts of the Midlands province.

Shamuyarira told our sister paper The Standard the that President Robert Mugabe and former Cabinet minister Edison Zvobgo were wrong to apologise for the 5 Brigade massacres.

“No, I don’t regret. They (5 Brigade) were doing a job to protect the people,” Shamuyarira said.

The comments torched off a row with political leaders in Matabeleland where the North Korean-trained 5 Brigade was deployed ostensibly to crush dissidents which Mugabe said were loyal to his chief political opponent at the time, the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo.

Mbuso Fuzwayo, secretary-general of Ibhetshu Likazulu, said Shamuyarira “caused pain in the region” with his comments.

“We won’t mourn or miss him. At least he is gone. He attacked Mugabe and Zvobgo for offering their half-hearted apologies on the killing of our people. He (Shamuyarira) never showed any remorse on the tragic loss of those innocent people. He himself died of an illness, but those people were butchered and he celebrated that. So his death is a relief to some of us, as people who were so hardened on Gukurahundi are departing. Maybe reconciliation can be achieved,” Fuzwayo said.

Mugabe described the massacres as a “moment of madness” that should never be repeated while the late Zvobgo apologised and admitted that the massacres gave him sleepless nights.

War veteran Max Mnkandla said the region is still waiting for an apology from the national leadership.

“While we don’t celebrate or wish anyone to die, we do forgive Shamuyarira but we don’t forget his Gukurahundi remarks,” Mnkandla said.

“People (Gukurahundi victims) are still in pain of the killings, but while he was still alive Shamuyarira saw it as a light matter and that is why he criticised Mugabe for apologising.

“There was need and there is still need for an apology from the national leadership,” Mnkandla added.


  1. I hope this will give a chance to victims of gukurahundi to have word with this cannibal and ask him why he sent youngmen to brutally murder unarmed fellow Zimbabweans.

  2. Enos Nkala and the other local leaders in the form of Mark Dube ,Joshua Masilela, David Kwidini and Calistus “ZAPU-is -a-dead-donkey” Ndlovu had more to do with the Gukurahundi killings than Shamuyarira . We seem to blame all Shona speaking people for Gukurahundi when the culprits were/are among us. You just need to read the 1980s issues of the Chronicle to understand why PF(ZAPU) and their supporters were being butchered

  3. In the Bible in Ecclesiastics Chapter 3, is says there is a time for everything. We are glad to finally witness such a time in our existence as creatures for it confirms the word of God at the same time making us know we are but dust of the ground. Marshall Munumumwe sings a song about the last journey for us all(Rwendo rvekupedzisira). In this song he points that each man will be alone finally in his grave……not one is infallible, as I write this comment South is in the dark as they mourn thrie great father; he could not outlive his time and so are our fathers. One by one we will count……..

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