Mavhaire does not inspire confidence

Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire

ENERGY minister Dzikamai Mavhaire last week appointed eight boards for parastatals under his ministry and true to Zanu PF’s track record they were not inspiring.

Dzikamai Mavhaire
Dzikamai Mavhaire
Mavhaire recycled the same old faces that have let down Zimbabweans in various capacities before.

The biggest surprise pulled by the minister who had taken eight months to breathe life into the battling parastatals was the appointment of former Finance minister and  Zanu PF senator Hebert Murerwa to chair the board of Zesa Holdings.

Mavhaire dismissed previous boards as far back as February after accusing them of underperforming

He also went on to appoint several Zanu PF politicians into the boards for the Zimbabwe Power Company, Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution and Transmission Company, Kariba Hydro Power Company, Zesa Enterprises, NOIC, Powertel, Zera, Petrotrade and the Rural Electrification Agency. Zimbabwe is in the middle of a serious energy crisis and the best Mavhaire could have done was to put together teams of countrymen with skills and acumen to conjure a quick turnaround.

This is certainly not the time for jobs for boys.

The country is renowned for its competitive human resource base, but Zanu PF has perfected the art of staffing strategic institutions with deadwood whose only proven track record is in sloganeering.

Mavhaire himself does not inspire confidence as a minister in a strategic ministry such as that of Energy and the best he could have done was to scout for talent while he provided political leadership.

Appointing people to please Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe would not get the job done and parastatals such as Zesa would continue to struggle.

The minister demonstrated with his appointments that he had no wherewithal to solve the energy crisis and it is another waiting game for long suffering Zimbabweans who have to brace for another long winter without adequate electricity.

Zesa last week announced a punishing load-shedding schedule for winter and Mavhaire has done nothing to assure us of a better tomorrow.