I won’t go: Moyo

Gorden Moyo

FORMER MDC-T Bulawayo provincial chairman Gorden Moyo has rejected calls by his party to resign as Makokoba MP arguing doing so will give Zanu PF a chance to regain control of the city.


Moyo said MDC-T had been weakened by infighting and could not afford a by-election as it would not win against Zanu PF in its current state.

The former Bulawayo Agenda director threw in the towel as MDC-T chairman last Friday citing “violence, hate language, mudslinging matches, and the pursuit of parochial and personal interests” in the party.

There are reports that MDC-T officials from Makokoba constituency are now baying for his blood demanding that he give up the parliamentary seat as well.

However, Moyo was defiant yesterday saying the MDC-T structures had no capacity to recall him from the National Assembly because they constituted the minority of people who voted for him last year.

“I could have resigned as MP on Friday, but I did not do that because I wanted to protect the party and the people of Makokoba,” he said. “If I had resigned I would have opened up space for Zanu PF in Bulawayo and I could not countenance that.

“I can’t be the entry point for Zanu PF in Bulawayo. Zanu PF would win the by-election if I resigned, MDC-T is losing everywhere.”

MDC-T has lost by-elections for municipal wards in Gweru, Harare and Chinhoyi among other areas since last year’s elections where the party suffered a stunning defeat to Zanu PF.

The party regards Bulawayo as its stronghold after sweeping all parliamentary seats and council wards in the last elections.

Moyo said those calling for his ouster did not understand why he stood for the post of MP.

“If there are people who would sleep well if Zanu PF takes over Makokoba I would comply with their demands that I step down,” he said.

“I did not go to Parliament so that I could get a car because I already had cars and I did not become an MP because I was looking for a job. There are lot of job offers out there.

“There is nothing happening in Parliament right now. It’s just a talk shop with Zanu PF dominating.”

He said besides, those calling for his ouster had not capacity to push him out.

“There is no one who can force me out,” he said. “It’s not only the structures that voted for me. I received close to 8 000 votes from Makokoba and yet our structures do not have more than 200 people.”

Moyo said he would now spend most of his time in Makokoba “specialising in politics of development not power”.

Meanwhile, MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora yesterday described Moyo’s resignation as a non-event saying the former Parastatals minister was a Johnny-come-lately who had failed to exhibit good leadership qualities.

“The chairperson who felt he could not carry on is a newcomer relatively speaking in the province and anyway the party was kicking without him,” Mwonzora said.

“It’s tragic that Moyo purported to speak for the country and then accused MDC of violence yet as demonstrated in the courts last week the party is wrongfully accused of violence.”

Moyo steered clear of the infighting by taking a sabbatical from MDC-T activities.

However, his decision to take a back seat sparked intense speculation that he was in “axed” secretary-general Tendai Biti’s camp, which is pushing for party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s ouster.

Moyo broke his silence on Friday announcing that he was resigning from the post of provincial chairperson, but would remain as Makokoba MP and MDC-T ordinary member.

His resignation letter obtained by Southern Eye showed that the former Bulawayo Agenda director was frustrated with the state of affairs in the MDC-T.


  1. Gorden Moyo is a dangerous coward. He is not sure about his political future. He wants to wait and see which side wins so as to work with it. What he wants is money only. Both Biti and Tsvangirai factions must co-sign the letter to Parliament to recall him. By behaving in this way; he is exposing himself to the fact that he is not a visionary leader.

  2. Moyo is a MAN unlike the coward who are bootlicking Tsvangirai. Honestly who doesnt know that violence, hate language, mudslinging matches, and the pursuit of parochial and personal interests characterize MDC-T. Look at the way Mwonzora responds and you will see that truly violence and hate language is synonymous with MDC-Teaboy. the fact that over 5yrs the party is still known as MDC-Tsangirai confirms that mdc-t leaders are in pursuit of parochial and personal interests.

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