Naked man found in yard


A FAMILY in Bulawayo’s Northend suburb was shocked to wake up to find a naked man sleeping in their yard yesterday morning.


The naked man was identified as Abednico Nyathi of Mzilikazi.

A member of the family that stays along Baden Powell Road and requested anonymity said Nyathi was found sleeping on an old mattress in the yard and covering himself with some old sponges.

“I was going to the toilet just after 5am when I saw someone lying on the sponge outside.

“I went to investigate and to my shock saw a naked man covering himself with old sponges.

“I woke him up and quizzed him why he was sleeping in our yard and he said he was attacked by some men and robbed of everything, including his clothes, while returning home from a funeral in Northend in the early hours of the morning.

“He then sought refuge in our yard,” said the family member.

He said Nyathi had gained entry through the gate as it was not locked.

He said they gave the shivering Nyathi some clothing as a crowd had gathered at their house to catch a glimpse of the naked man.

“We are really terrified because we have never witnessed anything like this before.

“We have read in newspapers but never really thought it could happen to us.

“What amazes us is why he chose our house out of all other houses in Northend,” he said.

Nyathi was taken away by Sauerstown police.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo’s mobile phone continuously rang unanswered.