Gweru gets facelift

(File Photo) GWERU City Council

GWERU City Council has embarked on a major facelift of the civic centre by renovating Town House as well as repainting, repairing gutters and resuscitating the garden of the council offices.


External walls of the municipal head office had become an eyesore with paint peeling off, but they have now been re-coated while work in the interior of the building is also at an advanced stage.

Gweru mayor Hamutendi Kombayi said: “We want to spruce up the image of Town House. It (civic centre) is the face of Gweru and having a dilapidated building is like sending wrong signals to stakeholders that we are doomed.”

Kombayi said council property had to be maintained at acceptable standards.

The lawn at the civic centre had wilted and flowers withered leaving the council head office surrounded by dust and dirt.

“We now have a green lawn back and blooming flowers. This is what should be associated with as a city of progress,” he said.

Traffic lights are also being installed at every intersection in the central business district to help regulate traffic flow.