A ray of hope for Byo . . .


IT is good to be back with the Brand Savvy column after a short sabbatical.

Here is a big thank you to the followers of the column who e-mailed to check if I was still alive. Yes, I am alive and ready to take Brand Savvy to another level. In the course of my sabbatical I met some great writers, some of whom I have admired from a young age.

They shared their experiences in writing and from my interaction with them I could see that as a writer one continually grows and their content gets better with each piece. I hope the same will hold true for this column. So much for that, let me get onto the business of the Brand Savvy column.

I recently read in one of the local daily newspapers that Archer Clothing was set to open its doors as soon as the coming month and that a couple of hundreds of people would soon get their jobs back. I cannot tell you the joy I felt in my heart.

I was, however, a bit disappointed to note that Archer Clothing’s success in opening also depended on some creditor giving a green light for them to succeed.

It would be my hope that the revival of the company would cause all people responsible for industry growth and more importantly those who publicly promised Bulawayo that they would help, would do everything possible to ensure that Archer Clothing opens.

I believe this will be a milestone for Bulawayo.

In the course of my sabbatical I met a young entrepreneur who has invested in setting up a state-of-the-art car wash centre in Bulawayo. A site visit to his premises showed me the passion some young people have.

I looked at the development that obviously cost several thousands of dollars and a chill ran down my spine as I saw the passion written all over the young entrepreneur’s face. It is my hope that when it eventually starts running, all car owners will be out in their full numbers to support this worthy cause.

It will undoubtedly take a few young people off the street by offering employment. It is indeed something that ought to be applauded.

I recently decided to take my health seriously and besides eating right I joined the boot camp that is currently running at Fit for Living Gymnasium located at the ZITF Grounds.

The chief trainer and owner of that gymnasium reminded me of the title of the article I in fact, intended to write on this week before I decided to go easy, that is, fire the public relations department.

I am in awe of how that gym is run with so much professionalism and public relations handled with ease and respect for clients.

Given my profession as a marketer, I am always on high alert in whatever dealing I undertake with any organisation that I am in contact with. I find myself checking if they are indeed living their vision and mission and also checking if they are enlightened on the need to attract and retain customers or clients.

I must give my kudos to Fit for Living for this. So if you are reading this article and would like to join or move to a good gymnasium Fit for Living is my recommendation.

Otherwise on the grocery shopping front, OK Mart continues to give the ultimate wonderful shopping experience. Its ambience, spaciousness and helpful staff is really motivating for the customers. It is exactly what a shopper needs when they are spending their hard earned cash.

I also had reason to visit the Bulawayo City Council water connection department near the railway station. The service there pleasantly surprised me.

Council employees have always come across as aggressive and unhelpful in most of my encounters with them, but this particular experience was very refreshing. It would be good if they could rub it off to their colleagues at City Hall and Tower Block.

Till next week, keep reading the red publication and remain Brand Savvy.