No foul play in sex worker house death


BULAWAYO magistrate Gladmore Mushove has ruled that there was no foul play in the death of Highlanders Football Club supporter Mazo Mgura at a sex worker’s house a year ago.


Mushove presided over an inquest into the death of Mgura (41) after his wife Lizzy Lunga and relatives had expressed discontent at the official cause of death saying they suspected that he was drugged before semen was extracted from him.

State pathologist Sanganayi Pesanayi, who is based at the United Bulawayo Hospitals, had on July 23 2014 told the court that Mgura died suddenly due to internal bleeding into the brain and a stroke.

Mushove’s ruling came after a pathologist based at the Bulawayo City Laboratory, Rodger Chigangacha, who examined tissues of Mgura’s body parts, said his lungs had a lot of fluids and his brain had a blood clot.

Mgura of Emganwini high-density suburb died at 29-year-old sex worker Belinda Chikerema’s Yolanda Flat along Robert Mugabe Way between Connaught and Masotsha Ndlovu avenues after an alleged night of passion.

In her ruling, Mushove indicated that claims Mgura was diabetic only emerged in court although his relatives later denied it.

She said it was also indicated that one of Mgura’s legs had been amputated and some indications were made and at some point at Chikerema’s house he was given sugar following suspicions that his body sugar levels had risen.

The belief that lingered on most people’s minds concerning Mgura’s amputated leg was that it might have been caused by diabetes. Mushove said even though it was noted that his leg was amputated, no one among the relatives could tell what caused the leg to be amputated.

She then ruled that there was no foul play in Mgura’s death.

Chigangacha examined Mgura’s body parts at the laboratory after they were referred to him by Pesanayi, who conducted the initial autopsy.

Chigangacha said he conducted an examination on the body parts based on the history of the deceased handed to him by Pesanayi and part of the history given to him was that Mgura was diabetic and had collapsed and died.

He had used a microscope to examine the body parts, but said determination of the cause of death was the duty of a government pathologist.

Chigangacha said it was stated that Mgura might have died due to a stroke.