VP saga a lesson to Zapu


VETERANS say the ongoing controversy over the second vice-president post should serve as a lesson to former Zapu leaders that Zanu PF is insincere over the Unity Accord.


Zipra veterans’ trust member Buster Magwizi said there was a likelihood of a free-for-all in the contest for the post as a clear sign that Zanu PF never recognised the accord.

“All those that remained in Zanu PF are sellouts. Zanu PF has the right to cheat them because there was no written document on the chairperson post,” he said.

“They are learning it the hard way that there has never been any unity in Zanu PF.”

Under a gentleman’s agreement, Zanu PF and the former Zapu share the top four posts in the united Zanu PF. However, some Zanu PF members have indicated that there was no agreement on the chairmanship, meaning it was up for contest.

To compound issues, some within Zanu PF have suggested that members to the presidium — the party’s top-four posts — should be appointed by President Robert Mugabe rather than be voted in by the provinces, as was the norm.

“The post of chairperson being taken by former Zapu has just been precedence, a practice that was not written down. Ex-Zapu cadres have no say in the Zanu PF commotion. The only way forward was to pull out of Zanu PF,” Magwizi said.

Another member of the trust, Patron Nketa, said there was never a Unity Accord. It was, in fact, imposed on people after the Gukurahundi massacres.

“As a result of capitulation, Zapu went to the table weak and did not negotiate, but was given orders,” he claimed.

Adding to the confusion on the matter, First Lady Grace Mugabe castigated former Zapu members, claiming they were divided and preoccupied with their former party.


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