Munyamana speaks on title


BULAWAYO Metropolitan Province bodybuilder Lovemore Munyamana, who won the Mr Zimbabwe lightweight category title in Harare, says winning the award is a big achievement considering that the province has not done well in the national competition over the years.


Munyamana was one of the bodybuilders who represented the city in the competition.

It was an improvement from Munyamana who emerged runner-up in last year’s competition, but came back even better this year to win the award.

“I am very excited that I won the lightweight title,” he said.

“I came second last year. I was 68kg, but when I went back this year I was 70kg. When I went to the gym I had no time to talk to anyone when training. I concentrated on my training and also watched my diet very closely.

“I did not do this for myself only, but for Bulawayo considering that the province has not done well in the competition over the years.

“The owner of Dynamic Gym motivated me to work very hard. I am excited that I have made the sport alive in Bulawayo. But I am not proud because I didn’t do it alone. There are people who have been helping me, the provincial association has been very supportive.”

Another bodybuilder who made an impression in the competition is Delvin Page who competed in the juniors.

“It was my first national competition so I am very proud because I have been working very hard in preparation for the competition. I believe that with hard work I can do better next year.”

Meanwhile, Bulawayo Metropolitan Province Bodybuilding and Fitness Association organising secretary Simon Gama congratulated Munyamana on his latest achievement.

“This is the best achievement for Bulawayo in the past 10 years. We are happy that Munyamana is now the Mr Zimbabwe lightweight champion,” he said.

“Harare have dominated the event in all categories over the years. It was Harare versus Bulawayo in the competition because we sent a very strong team.”

Gama said Bulawayo had great potential, but had been affected by most body builders relocating to South Africa