Fix it, do not throw away


I AM not sure if you realise of late how we conduct ourselves as a generation.

It appears to me that we break and throw away many things if not all things. There is very little fixing of things by this generation, but there is so much breaking of things and throwing away. Let me show you a few here.

We destroy and throw away our families, our marriages and relationships. At every level of our life almost all relationships are broken and very few of us have the patience to fix. We do not keep relationships.

We easily get out of relationships without any effort to fix. As long as it is no longer as it was, I just throw it away. Many of us have thrown away our marriages, boyfriends and girlfriends when the truth is that we could have fixed things.

We destroy and throw away our babies and even our relatives.
We throw away our own children whenever we feel or think they are not what we want. We kick them out of home and we dump little babies or simply throw them into toilets.

We destroy our infrastructure, our nations, our parties and institutions. We know how to take from these, but cannot fix where we have to. When we think it’s over we just throw away.

We destroy and throw away each other. I do not think there is a generation as abusive to one another as this one. We can use people the way we want and throw them away when we have achieved our goals.

We do not care about others, but we care so much about ourselves. It is this selfishness that makes us find it easy to throw away people and even throw away their lives.

As far as I see it from where I am, life is about fixing issues.

Life is not about destruction and throwing away people. People need people in this life. Did you know that you actually need your enemies? You should not kill them, but love them.

I think if we all understood that life operates on LOVE, we would then have patience enough to tolerate each other and give each other a chance. If we all understood that life is not a competition, but a journey of complementing each other, we would surely be a fix-it generation than a destroy-it generation.

Ladies and gentlemen, who will fix things if we all throw them away? Who will fix your marriage if you are not willing to?

Who will fix your family if you are not willing to? Who will fix your relationships if you are not willing to? Who will fix your potholes and schools if you are not willing to?

I think we need to look at things from a different perceptive than where we are now. Our role is to fix things. Our role is to bring God’s order into things. God does not destroy like we do.

He keeps, cherishes and restores. I am certain we are expected to do likewise.

We cannot be a people who dream of success when we destroy each other at an alarming rate, particularly in Africa. Success comes by fixing things, spiritually, politically, economically, socially and culturally.

I really wanted to make a challenge today to all my readers that we move away from the mindset of destroying and engage an attitude that fixes things. Don’t you think Africa needs fixing? Let us fix our families, marriages, relationships and the rest.

Somebody once said that in Africa it’s either you destroy it or eat it. This means that there are two philosophies in Africa namely; destroy or eat it. Look at the amount of destruction around us.

There is destroyed infrastructure, some of which we still use. There are destroyed families, marriages and destroyed people and lives, but we seem not to care. In order to fix things:

Be patient with people, your spouse, children, fiancée, enemies, friends and even yourself. Always give people a second chance and allow people to be themselves. A relationship based on love does not seek to enslave you,

Fully understand that life operates by love for people. You cannot accomplish anything worthy in this life if you cannot love people more than things. You need all people more than things. Love people.

Add value to life. You can do this by fixing issues and bringing order.

Fix yourself. You are breaking, destroying and throwing away people and relationships largely because you are broken and destroyed yourself. You might not see it, but your actions show what is in your heart.

Before you throw it away, consider fixing it. Love fixes permanently and even faster. Let us fix things and enjoy continuity and life.

Kilton Moyo is a pastor, Guidance & Counseling Consultant and Author of Responding to Personal Crisis. Call or whatsapp on +263 775 337 207 or 0712 384 841.